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Thinking About Insights Services? Here’s How These Products Can Help


Gain new insights into your family business.

Our courses and tutorials cover everything from communication, conflict management and family meetings to decision-making processes, balancing family and business, and leadership. Chances are, you’ll gain a new way of thinking about an aspect of your business.

Hear from real families worldwide.

Our case studies follow the crises and successes of real family businesses. In addition, our numerous interviews convey the challenges and accomplishments of business families from around the globe. One’s peers can often convey the wisest insights into one’s own situation.

Benefit from the knowledge of leading experts.

We have numerous internationally acclaimed experts in the field of family business, including family business advisors, entrepreneurs and academics, who have recorded invaluable advice on a range of topics relating to family business. Your business can only benefit from their knowledge.

Develop your understanding of risks unique to family businesses.

All business comes with an element of risk, but there are certain risks that only family businesses face. With over twenty years’ experience, we’ve encountered issues that arise for family businesses time and time again, and our specialised tools will help you manage these risks.

Be inspired.

Some of the family businesses you will meet in our videos have endured for five generations. They have incredible stories to tell and a wealth of experience and advice to share, which can often spark new ideas, or a new way of thinking about an existing situation. If you let them, they will inspire you.

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