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Podcast – Showcasing Our Women in Family Business E-book


Russ Haworth ( linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/russellhaworth/) records an amazing weekly podcast for family businesses.

We recently recorded this conversational podcast with him showcasing our women in family business e-book.

We discussed:

  • The changing roles of women in family businesses
  • The benefits family businesses can gain from engaging women in leadership roles
  • The challenges women in family businesses face (and how to overcome)
  • Some of the comments from the seven women featured in the book
  • And we both wrangled with that question featured in the book “What would you tell your 25-year old self?”.

You can listen to the podcast here: http://fambizpodcast.libsyn.com/website/ep-25-women-in-family-business

And you can download the E-book here: http://www.insights.org.au/women-in-family-business

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