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Family Business 101: Are You Ready for Family Meetings?


At Insights, we know first-hand that communication is at the heart of every successful family business. Many families dread the thought of a formal meeting, but we greatly admire those families that take bold, decisive action to encourage healthy communication.

Family meetings are crucial. They’re inclusive. They build relationships and set expectations. They help reinforce the idea that we’re all in this together. So why do so many families fear them?

A family member’s words can be powerful. If channeled the right way, they can be a force for growth and opportunity; when used in frustration, they can be destructive. The bad news is every family has issues, but the good news is not every issue has to create a problem.

Forward-thinking family businesses share values between parents and children, and between brothers and sisters. When there is belonging and trust, family members will go the extra mile for each other and the family name.

Learn to build an effective family business meeting so you can:

    • Identify and solve conflict
    • Create a safe and respectful zone for everyone’s ideas and concerns
    • Deal with bitterness before it festers into a bigger problem
    • Set the stage for multi-generational success
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