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Insights is the home of family business coaching experts.

Are you searching for a clear vision for your family businesses future? Do you need a clear succession plan and know you need governance structures, then you need advice from a family business expert.

We provide customised online coaching to both individuals and family groups, to better understand and manage the challenges they’re facing.

You will receive:

  • Practical tips to improve your family business relationships;
  • Tools to implement change in your family business decision making process; and 
  • Unique journeys for the same challenge for different family members, allowing individuals to understand their different approaches and solutions.

You can access our coaching content confidentially, in your own place, own time, anywhere there is internet access. We are especially loved by regional family businesses!

We have over twenty years experience in the family business sector. Our small and passionate team understand that practical tools and tips play a vital role in managing family businesses risks and improving the longevity, growth and most importantly, the sustainability of each and every family business.


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