The Family Business: Make It Last 100 Years


A Family Business Survival Kit

When all of the complications and distractions are cleared away, isn’t that what we are all actually striving for? 

Whether the original dream is ours or was born from inspiration generations ago, the vision is likely the same.  Make it exceptional and make it last 100 years. 

We are building and maintaining legacies from which the echoes will be heard for decades to come.

But past the grand vision, mission statements, and lofty aspirations, await real challenges.  Challenges that are unique to the family business and must be bested.

Those who fail to embrace this do so at their own peril.

We here at Insights are dedicated to the vision shared by all family businesses and have committed ourselves to supporting those families and organizations with vital knowledge and resources.

One such resource is our Family Business Survival Kit.  Filled with unique insight and guidance, specifically tailored to family businesses, this publication includes such material as;

  • 10 Questions Every Family Business Should Be Able to Answer
  • 5 Ways to Manage Conflict in your Family Business
  • The 10 Commandments for Long-Term Survival
  • 14 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Transition Away from a Full-Time Role
  • The 3 Barriers to Success and How You Can Overcome Them
  • 20 Reasons to Start a Family Business
  • How to Break the Cycle of Failure in Your Family Business
  • The Future of Family Business

Available free to download and provided by the Insights Team, this Survival Kit will no doubt become a trusted resource and one you reference well into the future.

Your Family’s Future Lies in the Next Generation
Values in Your Family Business

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