How Long Can You Ignore the Elephant in the Room?


Wondering how other family businesses address it?

It seems that two of the most difficult issues for family groups in business are firstly identifying their challenges and secondly taking that huge leap to start talking about those challenges together.

Invariably it will open a pandora’s box and for most family groups that is the deterrent. No-one wants to go there, especially if the status quo is comfortable for some members at least.
But the question has to be asked what if everyone keeps ignoring the elephant in the room?

We admire any family group that is willing to address the elephant in the room.  We would like to think that an Insights subscription to our online catalogue of videos and tools can assist to prompt those conversations.

If nothing else, family groups in business can see they are not alone in these challenges and also get some tips for how other family business start these conversations.

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