How Is Your Family Business Communicating This Week?


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Communication is one of the most difficult and important skills any business family has to learn. At Insights, we have a range of communication resources available for free. 

We recommend these four short videos to get you thinking ( and maybe talking) about some strategies for communication in your family business. They feature family businesses from around the world discussing their communication challenges and how they deal with them plus some brilliant tips from international advisers. 

Quick tip- you will have to sign in via our free access to view the videos. It takes 5 seconds and requires your name and email for unlimited access to 300+ videos.

1. Strong foundations = open communication

A disagreement with family can be a lot more difficult than other sorts of disputes, purely because it is personal, says Julia Raphaely, the Managing Director at Associated Media Publishing. That means you need to have a very strong foundation – if there are cracks in your family relationships already, they’re only going to be made bigger. Watch it here

2. Start and learn from family

Paul Darley, President and CEO at W.S. Darley & Co, talks about the importance of “over-communication” with stakeholders and family members. “You really can’t communicate enough with them,” he says.His business is constantly communicating about its strategy, finances, dividends, and direction. Watch it here

3. Always keep family values in mind

Doug Woodman, Co-CEO at Woodman of Essex, brought in an outside advisor to assist his business with communication. Your family is there for you, during good times and bad – so you have to maintain that relationship. Watch it here

4. Start with the easy topics

Joe Astrachan, Professor of Management Entrepreneurship at Kennesaw State University, advises to practice difficult communication by starting off with topics that are easier to talk about, and then moving to the trickier ones. Just don’t get stuck on the easy subjects! Watch it here

If you want to know more, learn more and delve deeper into this subject you should consider signing up for our “Complexities of Comunication” online course. It is 3 x 30 minute modules on “Communicating a Message”,  “Communicating Within Family” and “Conflict Management”.

Sign up for our one month subscription here ( $29 USD) and complete it in your own time, at your own pace. 

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