How Are Decisions Made in Your Family Business?


Try Our New 15 minute Online Tutorial

Here at Insights we are constantly updating the information we provide to family businesses and family members. Each week we add new videos to our catalogue of over 300 short videos designed for and by successful global family businesses.

Our latest release is a 15 minute interactive tutorial on “Decision Making in Your Family Business”  It is designed to challenge each family members understanding of decision making in the family versus decision making in the business.

It will make you think about:

  • What rules does your family business have around performance an accountability?
  • Who are the decision-makers in various scenarios and why?
  • Are some family members acting on unwritten rules?
  • What is "fair process" and how can it help your family group?

A $29/month subscription will allow access to this and all of our other tools. You can sign up here.

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