Encountering Conflict in Your Family Business? Read This


Facing a communication breakdown?

If you’re encountering a conflict in your family business, it may not be for the reason you think. It is said that 10% of conflict is because of a genuine difference of opinion, but 90% is due to simple miscommunication.


Communication issues can be particularly pronounced in family businesses due to generational differences. What’s more, they can be particularly damaging – not only to the business, but to the family unit.

Good communication won’t eliminate conflict completely, but it will help you manage it effectively so that it does not become toxic, overly emotional, and damaging.

Our resources

We can help you to achieve good communication within your family business. In our twenty years experience helping family businesses, we’ve assisted countless family businesses to work through their communication issues.

We can aid you with these resources:

  • Courses and tutorials. Our courses in everything from conflict management to conducting a family meeting will empower you with the knowledge to overcome communication barriers and manage conflict.
  • Case studies and advice with international family businesses. If you’re going through an issue, chances are somebody else has experienced it before. Our international business families will help you gain new insights into communication.
  • Advice from leading experts. Our video resources feature several leading experts including family business advisors, entrepreneurs and academics. Their communication advice is invaluable to any family business.

Managing conflict and achieving good communication will make a crucial difference to your family business. Our specialised education can play a vital role in your family business’ growth, longevity, and sustainability.

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