Women in Enterprising Families: A Call to Action



Women have always formed the heart and soul of the Australian family businesses and, excitingly, are assuming more leadership roles than ever. It’s great to see that kind of progress, but we also know that the greatest challenge faced by female business leaders is often balancing the roles of leader, co-worker, wife, daughter, and many more.


That’s why it’s critical to find women-friendly support & services. You should learn from the pioneers who have come before you and use their inspiration to define and realise your own definitions of happiness and success.

It may seem overwhelming to take care of your body, your mind, your family, and your business. It doesn’t have to be!


We also strongly urge aspiring women to have a look at our recently released “Women in Enterprising Families Initiative”. It is a three-module online course designed specifically for them.

In A Gaze Ahead, you’ll learn how to identify and leverage the stressors in your life – an investment it seems far too many women do not make time for.


The second course, A Woman’s World, will help you understand how, when, and why women in family businesses must balance work and home efficiently.


Finally, in A Balancing Act, you’ll learn how to marry together your skills, passions, and values and, along the way, determine which roles in your life are the most important and satisfying.


These online modules take 1-2 hrs and are available as part of our monthly subscription which is $29 (USD) which can be accessed here. We are dedicated to helping women succeed in family businesses so we’re sharing our expertise through our blog.


Free access to our online resources is available here.


Download our Women in Family Business E-Book Here.

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